Joe's Tech Support is primarily a one person show but I do have a network of associates that I rely on for their expertise. My primary support is Diane Matson. Diane helps me with research, proofing and organizing the chaos of details in troubleshooting. Diane is also an expert in genealogy research, and I hope we will see her blogging soon.

Joe Skelley

I was raised in Fort Lee, the oldest of thirteen siblings. I grew up exploring New Jersey and New York City until 1969, when I moved to Athens and attended Ohio University. I studied a wide range of subjects, including philosophy, political science, and interpersonal communications. After receiving my degree, I moved to Minneapolis where I studied theology at the University of St. Thomas. During that time I became extensively involved in social service and communities of faith. While working with St Joseph's House, a shelter for women, I was asked to help produce their newsletter which evolved into a 24-page monthly newspaper. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this would be the beginning of my career in design, publishing, and digital technology. We were very early adopters of desktop publishing and like others, were inventing how to use this new technology to streamline and automate our traditional print projects, converting them to what we now recognize as desktop publishing. As the technology exploded, my interest continued to grow in this field until it became my career. In 1985 I started the first version of what became Joe's Tech  Support.

In addition to troubleshooting day-to-day software and hardware issues for my clients, I research and facilitate their purchases, help them to manage their relationships with technology, and network their family of devices within their professional and personal lives. I am an experienced troubleshooter within both the print and digital worlds. My consulting role, whether it's for a large company or a small business owner, is to provide these comprehensive services resulting in a streamlined, stress-free experience.

The common focus of my services are how 'relationships' work—your relationship with your technology, your relationship with other people and their technology, and my ongoing relationship with you.

Diane Matson

Coming soon